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Return and day tickets

Coventry Dayrider Child*

Cash £3.00

Coventry Dayrider Plus Child*

Cash £3.20

Dayrider Gold CHILD Sun only*

Cash £3.20

Coventry Dayrider Adult*

Cash £4.00

Coventry Dayrider Plus Adult*

Cash £4.70

Dayrider Gold ADULT Sun only*

Cash £4.70

Dayrider Gold CHILD Mon-Sat*

Cash £6.30

Coventry Dayrider Group*

Cash £7.50

Dayrider Gold GROUP Sun only*

Cash £8.90

Coventry Dayrider Plus Group*

Cash £9.00

Dayrider Gold ADULT Mon-Sat*

Cash £9.00

Dayrider Gold GROUP Mon-Sat*

Cash £17.80

Check out the single fares to see if these work out cheaper

Weekly tickets

Coventry Megarider 1-Week ADULT*


Coventry Megarider Plus 1-Week ADULT*


Coventry Megarider Gold 1-Week ADULT*


Monthly tickets

Coventry Megarider 4 Week ADULT*


Coventry Megarider Plus 4 Week ADULT*


Coventry Megarider Gold 4 Week ADULT*



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