Diamond Bus

Contact Number: 0121 322 2222 Website

Diamond Customer Services, Hallbridge Way, Tipton Road, Tividale, B69 3HW

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Operator fares and tickets
Return and day tickets

1 day West Midlands Diamond CHILD Ticket*

Cash £3.00

Diamond Adult West Midlands Off-Peak Day*

Cash £3.90

Diamond Adult West Midlands Day*

Cash £4.20

Diamond Network Day CHILD Ticket*

Cash £5.00

Diamond Network Day Ticket*

Cash £7.40

1 day West Midlands Diamond FAMILY Ticket*

Cash £8.00

Diamond Network Family Day Ticket*

Cash £14.50

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Weekly tickets

Diamond West Midlands Week Child*


Diamond Value Week*


Diamond Redditch Week*


Diamond Kidderminster Week*


Diamond West Midlands Week*


Diamond Network Week*


Monthly tickets

Diamond Value Month Child*


Diamond West Midlands Month Child*


Diamond Value Month*


Diamond Kidderminster Month*


Diamond Redditch Month*


Diamond West Midlands Month*


Diamond Network Month*


Term tickets

Termlink CHILD Ticket*


Termlink STUDENT Ticket*


Network Termlink STUDENT Ticket*



This operator runs the following services

Swift Pay As You Go

Cash fares on most operators are now cheaper with Swift Pay As You Go. 

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